Trekking in Bhutan is the best way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna and majestic views of Himalayan peaks. Bhutan is increasingly being touted as an example to be emulated in the fields of environment. The government is firmly committed to a policy of “The Middle Path” wherein the environment will not be scarified at the altar of development. Thus Bhutan has aptly been described as a natural paradise.Treks here present the chance to walk off the beaten path.

Trekkers are few and one can even be the very first group on a route as new ones are being developed every year. Trekking in Bhutan means walking through sylvan landscapes and pristine protected forests, against a backdrop of lofty mountains. There are also opportunities to come across rare birds, animals and plants. Depending on your physical abilities and the season you travel, there are many trekking itineraries to choose from. Each trek has its own beauty and charm.